Hi, my name is Ming.
Hi, my name is Ming

NYC. I like doughnuts. And rabbit food. I have a really long bucket list that needs to be checked off. I am in love with the skyline but I want to cruise down backroads. I enjoy long walks and sitting in warm coffee shops. A cup of hot tea and a heart-wrenching novel on an Autumn day sounds lovely. I take too many photographs of the sunset but I wish I could wake up early enough to catch the sunrise. I like to dance freely until the night ends. And I have a slight obsession with cowboy boots and dresses. I write as MDL and I am an ENFJ.

If you are seeking advice, please message me here instead!
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Things I learned from you:

1) Don’t be mad at the world, or the world will be mad at you.
2) It’s okay to be angry. And it’s okay to be sad. But not forever.
3) Some of the most beautiful things are unexpected (kind of like you.)
4) Appreciate everything, especially the little things.
5) There are people out there who have it much worse. If someone can still smile every day when they know they have an incurable cancer, then so can you.
6) There are bigger things out there for all of us.
7) School is important. Education is very important.
8) Simplicity is sometimes better.
9) Work hard even when it feels like a bad day. There is always tomorrow. It will eventually pay off.
10) There is still good out there. And there will always be.

And finally, love -
That love does exist.

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