Hi, my name is Ming.
Hi, my name is Ming

NYC. I like doughnuts. And rabbit food. I have a really long bucket list that needs to be checked off. I am in love with the skyline but I want to cruise down backroads. I enjoy long walks and sitting in warm coffee shops. A cup of hot tea and a heart-wrenching novel on an Autumn day sounds lovely. I take too many photographs of the sunset but I wish I could wake up early enough to catch the sunrise. I like to dance freely until the night ends. And I have a slight obsession with cowboy boots and dresses. I write as MDL and I am an ENFJ.

If you are seeking advice, please message me here instead!
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Seasons change four times a year
whether we like it or not,
and the weather 
can change every hour
and sometimes we forget 
to bring an umbrella or wear a jacket.

But doesn’t Spring
always come back around?

Doesn’t it eventually stop raining?

- Ming D. Liu

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