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Today, it finally hit me that in about two months I will be a real adult. After realizing that I only had a few more classes to take before I completed college, it really smacked me in the face that I was growing up. I am saying goodbye to the past two decades of living my life as a child.

I told my professor that taking 18 credits a semester finally paid off because the next year, I would only have to take 12 instead. It would a breeze. He asked me, “So what are you planning to do after college?”

I laughed because I honestly did not know. I mean I know where I want to end up and I have a the rest of my life mapped out, but everyone knows that plans never go accordingly. I know what I want to complete when I turn 21, when I turn 24, then 26, and then 30. I just don’t know how I’m getting there. Hell, I don’t even know if I will get there. But I hope I do, I really do.

"Traveling, writing, eating, and reading," I replied. Truthfully, no matter what kind of office I am sitting in or where I end up or what I eventually take as a career, I know that those are going to be the four constants. And being happy. Maybe finding love, too. As long as I am happy and stay that way, I always remind myself.

As long as I never become jaded and love myself better than I did when I was 15, I know I will be okay.

Ming D. Liu, Turning 21

❝It’s hard to pack up
old bags and make a new home
in somebody else.❞

Haiku (Learning While Breathing)  #1 - Ming D. Liu

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  • "Might’ve been a song on the radio, might’ve been nothing, baby I don’t know. Might’ve been a little too tired to fight, might’ve been I got a little drunk last night."

    One of my all time favorites.

    "Thank you for helping me feel. I'm gonna call my boyfriend and tell him I love him."


    I am so sorry for being so MIA with my messages and stuff for the past week. I’ve been so caught up with things here and there - hanging out with friends, writing papers, and half a love story I am not ready to tell or write about.

    I will attempt to get through them this weekend. I love you guys :)

    Forgive me?

    ❝We almost were. We almost happened.❞
    — Six Word Story #19 - Ming D. Liu —