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"They often told me
that one day
a prince charming
was going to come along
and sweep me off my feet.

So I stayed
bounded behind these gates,
waiting for the moment
I hear the slaying of dragons
and the galloping of his gallant horse.
I waited
and waited
for someone to
come show me love,
to prove to me
that it existed
when they should have taught me
to give myself love,

Because princesses
need princes to wake up them,
to break the chains,
to kiss them,
and whisk them away
into a magical castle
where everything seems possible.

But I am not a fucking princess.

I am a woman
and I will build this damn castle
And all this talk about being saved
from the evil queen
and poisoned needles-
I can save myself.
And dreaming of a true love?
Well hey,
I am my own first love
and I won’t let anyone
sweep me off my feet
until I am free enough to fly on my own.

If life is ever a fairy tale,
then I am my own fucking hero.

A Story A Day #259 by Ming D. Liu

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Anonymous said: Where is your post thingy in being brave? ^

It wasn’t a piece. I just basically stated that I deleted all of his old messages - something that took me a while to do, but I finally did it this week.


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Anonymous said: I saw your other post about someone being brave and I wanted to share. I told them I wanted to be with them today.



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Anonymous said: I was in love with this boy who said he loved me too. Then he went away to college an I got scared so I ended it. I tried to fix it but he said not right now, so I was willing to wait. Then he invited me up an we spent the weekend together. On Sunday I found out he had been sleeping with me and her. He'd been telling me he loved me an missed me, while he was with her. Even now he still says he cares about me more then anyone. But he killed my faith in love.

Don’t let one person in this world ruin love for you. Who he is and what he did does not represent the entire male population. Sure, there are going to be others like him but there are also going to be people who are mature and better. I completely understand where you come from, I went through the same time a few years back. But then I realized that if I stopped giving other people chances because of one person, only he would win. And I want to win. Therefore, I made a vow to myself - that no matter how badly someone screws me over, how loud the cry, how bad the heartbreak, and how bitter I am, I will still open my heart to someone who shows me that they are going to mean something.

As should you. It will take some time, but don’t lose hope.


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Anonymous said: so, there's this guy. He asked me to prom, and he was my last dance. I told him i liked him, and he gave me a ring. I guess out of pity. Hes now in college and i'm a senior, and hes been in a few relationships. But he still text me, and i still like him. We have told each other a fair amount of secrets. But there is this other guy, who wants to date me. And hes so sweet. He doesn't make me happy like the first guy does, but he makes me feel loved. Should i say yes?

If you date the second guy because he shows you love but doesn’t make you happy, you are settling.

As for the first guy, if he’s not giving you the time of day then why waste yours on him?

You don’t have to choose between two when there are more out there. Say yes to to someone who you love and loves you back; someone who will make you happier than you could imagine and allows you to open up where secrets will be as visible as the smile on your face. Say yes to someone who deserves you and someone worth the memories with!


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Anonymous said: Today I was brave and sent him an email.

This week I was brave enough to delete all of our old messages.


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Anonymous said: do you have any poems bout birthdays?

On my birthday, I wrote one:

A Story A Day #183 by M.D.L


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Anonymous said: What's the first book in the thrones of glass series?

Throne of Glass! :)


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Anonymous said: Do u have twitter?

Holla at yo gurllllll mingdliu


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Anonymous said: Can i just spazz about how amazing Throne of Glass is to you because none of my friends read the series haha. Chaol sounds so sexy I seriously cannot 😍😍



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LUKE BRYAN, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY KIND OF NIGHT! And I can’t wait to go see you again next year!

I’m still singing I Don’t Want This Night To End in my head…


LUKE BRYAN, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY KIND OF NIGHT! And I can’t wait to go see you again next year!

I’m still singing I Don’t Want This Night To End in my head…

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A Story A Day #258 by Ming D. Liu

A Story A Day #258 by Ming D. Liu

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Anonymous said: The first boy I ever loved taught me that the self-worth, will-power and integrity the individual (you) displays is far more important than the promise of a love that will only ever be temporary. Love yourself first. In your case, tell t, to t-total out of your mind.

Haha I learned that a long time ago. It’s very important to accept yourself, love yourself, and know your value because no one else can place a price or label on you. Individuality is the only thing that belongs to you. I always try to put my loved ones and myself before anyone else. So for me, finding love is secondary to finding a career and developing myself as a character.

I LOVE YOU, the last part of your message had me laughing out loud so thank you for that!


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Anonymous said: I need your advice i'm going to college soon and i have social anxiety. The idea of the first day is haunting me i don't know where to go or what to do. I can't sleep at night because i'm thinking of how could things go wrong. College is big and i'm afraid to get lost and i don't have the courage to ask for help:( it's getting the best of me

College is an amazing experience, I promise! You meet a lot of new people and you grow up, a lot. It’s scary, I had to admit but don’t be too afraid. If you can’t find a room, ask someone. Most of the time, people will help you. The first day of school is exciting! That’s always my favourite day of the semester. You’ll make friends and meet great professors, so don’t scare yourself too much.


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Anonymous said: What's your favorite Taylor swift song?

LIKE DO YOU SEE THAT AGONY IN HER FACE? That is how I feel when I listen to this song. I can write a whole essay on why it’s perfection and how much it really means to me personally but I won’t do it here. Every line in that song hits home. Although it’s such a heartbreaking song, I can smile when I listen to it too because it takes you through so many stages. The beginning, the middle, the end, and the closure you want or wish to have. It brings back all the memories, both good and bad, and I think that hurts even more. 

However, I do have other favourites depending on the Album. Tim McGraw is my favourite from Taylor Swift, You Belong With Me for Fearless (Still deciding actually) and Mine for Speak Now. BUT ALL TOO WELL IS MY FAVOURITE, HANDS DOWN!


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