A Story A Day #232 by M.D.L

A Story A Day #232 by M.D.L

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“How do you get over someone who is already over you?”


How do you get over someone who is already over you?”

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Night 178:

An empty bed
never felt
as lonely
as it does now
that you’ve stopped
good night.

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Your home girl just bought tickets to see Chase Rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Story A Day #263 by Ming D. Liu

A Story A Day #263 by Ming D. Liu

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"Other people’s love
start to mean something
when you begin
to love yourself."

-A Story A Day #262 by Ming D. Liu
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Anonymous said: Did you already choose the winner of that contest thing you were doing?

YESSSS!!!! I will be contacting them later on tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on my schedule :) 

Please make sure your ask box and/or fan mail is opened so I can contact you! If not, you have three days to do so or else I will have to pick another friend.


I used Random Chooser to help me pick the winners. 


And for my other six lovely friends, I will be sending you a letter and a little something, something something -


Thank you all for participating in it! It truly means a lot that so many of you did. You are all lovely and thank you for loving me. I LOVE YOU, so so so so so so much.


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Reunited with this lovely human being 💕 (at San Genero Festival Little Italy NYC) acupofkeen

Reunited with this lovely human being 💕 (at San Genero Festival Little Italy NYC) acupofkeen

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It’s cuffing season. I need to take a trip to Build-A-Bae.

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is what
fucks me
when you are


A Story A Day #261 by Ming D. Liu

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"It’s like no one cares if you’re sick
until you are no longer here.
People laugh when you can’t see what they see in the mirror;
they think you’re kidding when you stop eating
because all you can see is the weight you want to lose,
until all they see is bones.
And they disregard your sadness;
They call it a phrase-
“It’ll pass,” they say.
Until it doesn’t.
Until one night you fall asleep
and you’re too tired to wake up the next morning."


A Story A Day #260 by Ming D. Liu

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Anonymous said: What's your schedule like?

Crazy busy! I barely have any free time after I calculate in the hours I have to sleep, eat, and exercise. And also spend with friends!

Mon & Wed: work out and then class until the evening
Tues & Thurs: interning and then the gym
Fri & Sat: work and the gym, and I usually spend Sat evening buying groceries for the next week
Sunday is the only day I have nothing going on but that means laundry and homework, or other miscellaneous tasks that needs to be completed.


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Anonymous said: You, my dear, are a poet. Your mastery of the English language is beautiful and I don't know you but ily you brighten my day so much

You, my dear are exaggerating and flattering me way too much! Haha I wish I could call myself a true poet and I wish I’ve mastered the English language but there is so much I haven’t learned. My grammar isn’t the best, I wish I could take some grammar classes or something! And my writing is decent enough, but thank you :)


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Anonymous said: how do you get past every day with the type of pain that is wasting you away ?

I’m not letting pain waste me away. I’m very happy with my life. I choose to focus on the good things instead of things that make me upset. Of course, there are occasions when I do get sad but I try my best not to waste my time dwelling on things are mere memories or brings me negativity. I love my life; it’s fun and I have a blast doing what I love, with the people I love. That’s what I try to place my mind on - being the last one on the dance floor, movie hopping, trying out new food, spoiling myself, and etc. That’s what life is about, the little things that make it great. Pain is temporary to me, it will always be.


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I need a man who will take me to country festivals/concerts, hiking, camping, cruising, stargazing, and horse back riding. I need someone who will explore with me and go on adventures. And kiss me on the forehead. That last part is a must.

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