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❝We almost were. We almost happened.❞
— Six Word Story #19 - Ming D. Liu —

i. I like the way you sometimes rhyme. Like at times we are so in sync that it scares me. You walk, I walk. You jump, I jump. You come to a halt, I come to a halt.

ii. I really like poems that do not rhyme. You are not always consistent. I mean sometimes you are, but then you do something that irks me and I just want to rip all the strands of my hair out. But you know how much I am in love with my hair.

iii. Metaphors. You are the sea and I am the fragile boat. I am the weed and you are the rain. You are the wind and I am the leaves. I am the early morning and you are hot tea. Or coffee. But you like hot chocolate or smoothies or milkshakes, more.

iv. Sometimes things do not make sense. Sometimes things make complete sense. You are both, at the same time.

v. In poetry, certain words are put together to express beauty. Occasionally there are words you never think should go together, sort of like putting salt on ice cream or watermelon but that only enhances the sweetness. I always thought it was weird till I tried it. And when I use these weird words to write about you, it all seems to flow.

vi. At times there are no words left. So I become the poet who has nothing left to write, because you have become the poem.

Ming D. Liu, Here are some ways you remind me of poetry

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  • Song: Stay With Me
  • Artist: Sam Smith
  • Play count: 74
  • "Deep down I know this never works but you could lay with me so it doesn’t hurt. Oh won’t you stay with me? Cause you’re all I need. This ain’t love, it’s clear to see but darling, stay with me."

    This song is so relevant right now.

    "I'll buy you a cat and we can name him sancho"

    If you buy me a cat, I will make you a sandwich.


    "Self harm scars turn on/off"

    Scars from cutting does not make you any more or less attractive. Like any other scar, each one is a story and I want to read it.

    If he has scars from self-harming, I will trace hearts on them over and over again. And I will kiss them till he forgets they were there in the first place (at least for the time being).


    "may i ask why you wouldnt date a poet or writer? o:"

    Yes. I have a long essay/speech for this but I’m going to condense it.

    I don’t want to date a writer because being a writer myself, I am able to turn something into nothing and nothing into something. I do not want to be written about and I don’t want to be someone’s 3AM thoughts (if you know what I mean). I am already filled with too many emotions. And I just don’t think my personality will match another writer/poet’s. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to be friends with male poets and writers but it would be one complicated relationship if I dated one. I just don’t want someone to write about my flaws as if I didn’t know them already. I already am self conscious, it would only make it worse.

    As much as I’d like be a poem, I also enjoy being the one writing the poem. Idk maybe one day it’ll change but for now, that’s my personal preference.


    "Turn on or off: playing hard to get"

    Definitely a turn off. Don’t play games with me yo.

    "Turn off turn on: being a poet"

    I like a man who writes. It’s a very attractive thing but I wouldn’t date a poet or writer.


    "Kisses on the neck all the way down to your Virginia"

    It’ll definitely be a turn on if he takes me on a trip around the world too, preferably Paris and Rome and Greece.