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Anonymous said: Did you go to Christa Mcauliffe in Brooklyn ny for middle school?

What a small world haha yes I did.


A Story A Day #209 by M.D.L

Day 123:
I kind of miss you still.
I kind of miss whatever the hell we had.
I don’t think we’ll happen again
and I think I’m finally okay with that.


Anonymous said: Pretty sure you were on some episodes of Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Ma dude, that’s racist as fuck.


P.S. I’m dying but you still racist as hell son.

Anonymous said: Today, I'm one year clean from self harming. It's been really hard and it still is and will be but I did it and well...I'm proud of myself. For the first time in a long time, even if I cried today or any day; I am proud of myself, I did something for me. No one else but me. Everyone else thought I was going to die or kill myself and I proved them wrong. I didn't give up on me, and I am so glad I didn't. You don't really have to answer this, I just really wanted to share that with someone

Thank you for sharing that with me. That was lovely to hear and I am so proud and happy for you too. 


Some of us
wish our eyes
would never open
to see the daylight
while some of us
are fighting so hard
for another second,
another moment,
another morning,
another day.

battle those demons
in your mind
and befriend those monsters
under your bed
and live with the skeletons
in your closet
and throw away
that knife you hold onto so dearly
and flush those pills
down the toilet.

There are people
who do not get to see another summer,
ones who do not get to
taste one more snowflake
in the midst of winter.
Do not take your life
for granted.
Do not sit there
and drown yourself in misery.

and keep swimming
until you find the shoreline.

Hi Nancy, I hope you get to read this in heaven. And I hope it’s sunny wherever you are right now because New York City weather isn’t the best right now.

This is for you.

A Story A Day #208 by M.D.L

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Dear Nancy, it was such a blessing to have met you in the second grade and I still remember how surprised and excited we both were when we ended up in the same high school. It was such a pleasure to be friends with someone as funny and lovely as you. You never failed to make me laugh, my dear ace boon coon. I will always remember our sudden outrageous outbursts of laughter in O’Connor’s and talks about going on lunch dates that were supposed to happen soon. I don’t know when it’ll happen, but one day we’ll see each other again and have salads in Quiznos and drink coffee in Starbucks. Until then, may your soul rest in paradise and continue to be the beautiful person you were and will always be. ❤️
I believe in fate
and fate believes in me.
One day
we will meet again.
You’ll be standing there
and I’ll be standing here,
And all the time in between
of waiting and wondering
will all start to make sense.
A Story A Day #207 by M.D.L
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