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❝I didn’t realize
how much
I thought about you
until you started to
make a home
in my mind.

But that’s okay.
I give you permission
to live there.❞
Ming D. Liu, An excerpt from ”I Said I Wouldn’t Write About You (I Lied)”

❝You kiss my forehead
right after you
kissed my lips.
“I like it when you kiss me on the forehead,”
I whispered in front of the city lights.
“Kiss it again.”
And you do.
You press your lips against my forehead
and then my temples
and then you intertwine your fingers with mine.
“Do you like me?” I ask,
although I knew the answer.
“You’re alright.”
I could hear the truth
beneath your chuckles.❞
Ming D. Liu, An excerpt from “I Said I Wouldn’t Write About You (I Lied)”

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  • Song: The Way I Am (The Voice Performance)
  • Artist: Caroline Pennell
  • Album: The Way I Am (The Voice Performance) - Single
  • Play count: 380
  • This song just makes my heart fill up with marshmallows and fluffy clouds and happy kittens.

    I feel you
    letting go
    like I used to feel
    your tender lips
    pressed against
    my forehead.

    But I want you
    to hold onto me
    the way riders
    hold onto the reins
    of their horse
    just before they fall.

    Is there any way
    I can write
    this story
    the way I wish
    for it
    to end?

    Because I am
    so sick
    of searching for
    potential new beginnings
    and hoping for
    a different ending.

    Ming D. LiuJust Hold On, Please.

    "It’s been fours years since I’ve fallen into depression. It feels like I’ll never get out of this so what’s the point of going on?"

    ❝Who taught you
    that getting your
    heart broken
    was a beautiful thing?
    Pain is
    not beautiful.
    from it,
    Do not get
    the two things
    mixed up
    for there is no beauty
    in falling apart.❞
    Ming D. Liu, A Story A Day #107

    Hey guys,

    I’m writing this to apologize in advance for the next couple of days. I won’t be on my laptop as often so I can’t get back to you all till probably next week. Along with posting old requests that have been on queue.

    I’ll update through my phone (it’s a bit harder) haha but I’ll try. But if you’re curious to know what I’m up to:

    • I’m going to eat with my best friend and some happy hour with friends later on.
    • Tomorrow I’m going lighthouse hunting in Long Island!!!!!!!! I am stoked.
    • Saturday is work day
    • Sunday is Easter. I’m going on a picnic with a friend and then celebrating it with my Greek family haha

    I haven’t even started my research papers.. Four of them :3 but yeah, I though I’d just let you guys know. I’m not purposely ignoring and neglecting y’all.

    I love you.


    "Where is this going?"

    This is the question I ask
    and every time I do,
    I lose my breath.
    I hope to hear the words
    that my heart wants
    but at the same time,
    I’m not completely sure
    what those words are.
    These are the words
    that make my stomach turn
    from anticipation and anxiety,
    the words that slowly
    make my soul sweat ferociously
    from being too nervous.
    The answer to these four words
    can either light a flame in my soul
    or break the pieces
    I’ve band-aided together.

    These are the words
    that will either end the let downs
    I’m used to
    or start another period of
    broken hearted poetry
    I will write at
    three in the morning.

    Ming D. LiuWhere Is This Going?

    I bought a new poetry book today! I’m very excited to read it. I’ve heard great things about the author and her work.